Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Olympic Logo Analysis

Some of you will have heard the psycho-analyst on the radio telling us that this logo is the new ink-blotch. What you see in it apparently says more about you than the logo.

See a broken jig-saw puzzle? Better get some counselling for those childhood disappointment issues.

Reminded of the SS collar pin? Get those repressed Nationalist Socialist urges seen to fast.

See oral sex? Spend a little less time on the Internet.

An evil transformer toy? Still in touch with that inner child.

A sumo wrestler taking a crap? Refer to Sigmund Freud.

So, what do I see in the logo? Why, it's a thing of inner beauty and excellence - of course.

Anyone else care to share what they see in the London 2012 Olympic logo? (All subsequent psychoanalysis provided free of charge.)


Bag said...

The first time I seen it I could not make head or tail of it. I could not see anything. By concentrating I thought it looked like someone trying to stop a wall collapsing. Person on right pushing against collapsing top of wall with London on it.

I wonder what that means? Maybe I should not be making this public.

Just seen on the news the full logo is causing fits.

Bjorn Freeund said...

London 2012 Logo and Branding: Never Mind the Bollocks

Peter said...

Ever since Noddy, our innocence has been abused. Noddy and his friends were a cover for pedophilia, not that any of us kids noticed at the time.

Then along comes SpongeBob, innocence renewed. Until he starts talking about playing with his peanuts, which, given his Southern US accent has to be a deliberate ploy by the not-so-innocent writers at the close phonetic 'penis.'

And now the London 2012 image. At first it was ugly and disjointed, but once it's pointed out, yes, it's a cartoon of oral sex.

Would somebody please produce something innocent that really is innocent...

Onyx Stone said...

I have to admit that the logo's potential for animation cuts both ways. Nowadays, anyone with a PC can make animations which undermine the very branding that the logo is supposed to promote.

Since seeing Theo Sparks animated image, I can't look at the logo without seeing the two characters.

Peter, I agree that the Noddy story lines had a sinister undercurrent. Sponge Bob - I don't know.

This logo may well have had a deliberate sexual image hidden in it. If so, then the designers must have figured that the human population would spot it within 3 seconds of the logo's unveiling.

Is there not also an element that it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid innuendo? It's so easy to say something with a double meaning, or for people to find mischief that was never intended.

Anyway I've got to admit, since seeing Theo Spark's site, the logo is all but ruined for me. But by the sounds of it, most of you had already dismissed the design.

james higham said...

Thee needs to be an enquiry into this wastage.