Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Olympic Logo Fall Out

I couldn't believe the scale of the nationwide negative response to the Olympic logo yesterday. Last night there were 8000 signatures calling for the logo to be scrapped - this morning there were 14,000 signatures. (I'm not gonna link to the petition.)

Give me a break, it's just a logo!
And it's a good one, at that! Think of the fun animations they'll squeeze out of it when it starts throwing the discus or jumping hurdles. The vehemence with which critics are calling to dump the logo is as disproportionate as the head-in-the-clouds idiots who attribute virtue and inspiration to the thing. It's just a logo!

But then, maybe it's an essential part of the British character to self mock. We need to come crashing down on ourselves for everything we do. I think that secretly, many Brits envy the Americans for their easy confidence to back themselves.


r morris said...

Fun post. I'm an American, and we're known for our stupid commercial ideas, but when I first saw this logo, I hadn't a clue what it was. After reading your post, I can see the numbers.
You are right, it's just a logo. I think people are upset because a logo should mean something or identify the product, and this is just a jumble of jagged shapes. Is this really the best they could come up with at that cost?

Anonymous said...

It is awful, it looks like a jig saw puzzle. Yes it is just a logo but a very important one, why couldn't they have kept it simple, less is more. Aah but then they couldn't have charged so much for it!

Anonymous said...

The logo should consist of a beefeater silhouette coloured in with a union jack, with London Olympics 2012 beneath it in Times New Roman.

Richard Havers said...

I know it's just a logo, but for me it's not a good one. It's too busy, too clever and too uninspiring!!

Onyx Stone said...

Couldn't any logo be similarly criticised?

BP is just a big BP in a dumb shape.

McDonalds is just two big yellow bumps.

Nike is just a bent line.