Monday, June 04, 2007

Leaving the Seat Up or Down

Careless of lowering the tone of this blog - the following insight affects us all.

Everyone knows you should leave the toilet seat down after use - except for men who need it up. Surely, if a woman in the household has just gone (stay with me here) this increases the likelihood of a man being next. Quite complicated, really. In fact, the true cost of either strategy (up or down) depends on the constituency affected and the probable reactions of said parties.

At any rate, many would agree that certain people need some decision-making help in this thorny field.
Thankfully, with the deft use of game theory, The Science Creative Quarterly mathematically modeled the cost to John or Marsha.

Please print off the above table as a ready-reference to post in shared convenience facilities.


Anonymous said...

Is it all about female dominance?

Lift the lid to be considerate of women. Put the lid down again to be considerate of women. Is it any wonder why the seats in men's public toilets are vial. A subconscious backlash by the pussy-whipped, perhaps...

Onyx Stone said...

Anonymous, I see there are a few more issues going on here than I anticipated!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Actualli, I get annoyed if the seat and lid are not both left down. I just think it's unhygienic.

Colin Campbell said...

My daughter and my wife always give me a hard time. I always blame my six year old son or the dog.