Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Topless Haka

Some New Zealand Maoris have been upset by a women's rugby team doing a topless haka. As a New Zealander, I'm so offended I can hardly speak.Any hint of disrespect toward the haka is tantamount to a cartoon of Mohammad's ugly mug in a Danish newspaper.


Peter said...

I'm offended the All Blacks no longer jump at the end of a haka, it is an anticlimax when they say 'He..' and just turn and walk away.

Where's the outrage about that? Where are the defenders of traditional Maori bloodthirsty values?

james higham said...

At first I thought maybe you wer overreacting and then, looking at the picture, it definitely is an affront. If they weren't covering their breasts, then it would be 'noble savage' and good on them. But their very selfconsciousness shows it was jsut a stunt and therefore disrespectful. And as for the boys being asked to tone it down, this was equally outrageous.

Mike said...

@Peter: The All Blacks don,t jump at the end of a haka because in traditional Maori Haka a jump like that is weak... thats why they pump their fist to the ground and say 'hee' a more grounded approach is much stronger.

@James: the disrespectful part is women should NOT be doing a haka full stop... women should never do a haka they have other roles they do that men don't traditionally too. The tops off part is just the straw that breaks the camels back.