Thursday, January 18, 2007

Racism on Big Brother

The news, the papers and even the prime minister in parliament are talking about racism on TV. The limeys have been bullying Shilpa Shetty in that menagerie that is Big Brother.

Now an Indian junior government minister of external affairs is "considering a formal approach to the UK over the programme."

Perhaps Gordon Brown (on his self-aggrandisement tour of India) can tell the junior minister that if he gives a hint of credence to anything on the damnable show he's as thick as Jade Goody.

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Jeremy Jacobs said...

Perhaps we should make a formal complaint to India about their caste system.

(If we had a caste system here, where would Jade Nogoody be?)

Answers on a postcard to Corporate Presenter, Room 101, Al-BBC centre, Jazeera Drive, Romford, Essex. (Innit)

Peter said...

BB operates on the sensational level where every mention of the program is a good mention. They love this stuff because it sends interest in the program through the roof. The real solution, to treat the program for what it is, small time entertainment for small minds. Leave it in the Days of Our Lives genre without comment.

Racism on Big Brother shouldn't surprise anyone. When they start spouting Shakespeare and begin meaningful debates and intellectual discussion that would be a surprise worthy of note. But racism, that's par for the course. If anything, it's tamer than some of the controversy of the past.

Think of Big Brother like a little child. The more he acts up the more attention you pay him, inadvertently rewarding him for his behavior. The solution, don't reward misbehavior with attention. Reward the behavior you want to see. So, in a nutshell, treat Big Brother like the little child it is...

Onyx Stone said...

Peter, what you say works pretty well for a basically good kid... He plays up a little, you don't reward it.

Now consider the riotous wild child who already commands the full attention of the school and leads the entire playground in mayhem. Do you just ignore his antics now?

That is the dilema some face. Nevertheless, I'm inclined to agree with you generally. I was basically formulating a way the British politians can communicate to the Indian politians this very point - it is not to be taken seriously.

Also, I think Jeremy Jacobs has a very good point. A few stupid insults between women on a game show is no comparison to the generations of misery perpetuated by an Indian caste system.