Friday, December 08, 2006

Marriage is Best

Half of co-habiting parents split by their child's fifth birthday, while only one in 12 married couples do. The Conservative policy group has pointed out this stark reality that deluded lefties have denied for years.

This family breakdown leads to massive problems of poverty, underachievement, hopelessness and unemployment, crime and drug abuse. The Tory group costed this at £20 billion a year.

For years socialist politicians have insisted that any "loving, stable relationship" is of equal value, arguing for equal recognition of de-facto or same-sex relationships. The sad debris from this social experiment is the feckless underclass that expect to contribute nothing but dead weight.

And yes, there are thousands of tremendous, contributing individuals who come from broken homes (and there are worthless scum from married parents). The individual can overcome any "statistic". But is it willful ignorance to deny the superiority of marriage over de-facto relationships in family outcomes.

One of the greatest things people can ever do for children is marry and make it work. About the greatest thing a father can ever give for his kids is faithfulness in marriage to their mother.

In response to the BBC article:
He [Ian Duncan Smith] insisted that the focus of the report was not to "lecture" people to get married, but to help couples, both married and co-habiting, to stabilise their relationships.
And they will fail because they are still too spineless to conclude the obvious - that co-habiting will remain inferior and less stable than marriage because it is a deliberate rejection of the traditional commitment. The outcomes for children are catastrophic.

No one is asking the Conservative party to "lecture" people what to do, just tell the truth!

Mr Duncan Smith said he was not making a moral judgement about marriage.
That's because the Tories have no morals. They abandoned conservative morality when it went out of fashion.


Bel said...

But is it willful ignorance to deny the superiority of marriage over de-facto relationships in family outcomes.

Exactly. And the politicians are too spineless to say it.

So this is the scenario: all the research leads to nowhere but that conclusion, but no one dare voice it. The sad thing is that the people who suffer as a result are the ones that the so-called well-intentioned lefties claim to want to help.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard a good reason for couples not to get married... has

What's the motivation not to commit to someone you love? Seriously,
I'm not being factious, I really don't know. For the life of me, it makes no sense. Why wouldn't you? Seems to me its pretty damn selfish.


Onyx Stone said...

Peter, I appreciate the comment - but I don't think you need a motivation to NOT do something. You need a motivation to DO something... i.e. marry.

If there is no deeper teaching or thinking or Biblical perspective, then there is no reason or inclination to marry.