Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Girl Gives Birth at School

I loved reading that a 15 year old Catholic school girl had arrived for class in the morning, gone into labour, and given birth before the ambulance showed up. She was apparently unaware of her pregnancy! The youth and vigour of it all is inspiring, don't you think?

A Spokesman for the Catholic Diocese said "It is not going to help to go moralising on the whole situation. That is not important..." Is that the new Catholic position on morals? The Catholics have had a few run-ins with morality over the years, and wouldn't want any morals ruining their Christmas good cheer. "...the girl is OK, the baby is OK, and hopefully they will be home this weekend and spend Christmas at home," Lovely. (And of course it makes no different that this was a Catholic school, other than to spice up the story a little.)

Now I find morals uplifting, not oppressive or condemning as the Catholic spokesman seems to fear. Given the right moral framework, I think a 15 year old can be well equipped to raise great kids. Mary was about that age when she gave birth to Jesus. What an impressive culture that produced teenagers morally and emotionally prepared for marriage and kids!


Peter said...

After three kids, my wife thinks it is utterly impossible for someone to give birth without knowing they're pregnant. Apparently the little blighters move around a fair bit in the final trimester.

Chris Palmer said...

Underage sex is illegal last time I looked, but I doubt whether the girl or the father will be repremanded. I wonder how old the father is..?

Onyx Stone said...

I wondered the same about the age of the father. In a futile sort of way, I hoped the father would also be under 16. A day over 16 and he could end up on the sex-offenders register. Bizarre.