Thursday, November 16, 2006

Actual Conversation

me: Can I ask you a question?
Four year old son: Daddy, you can ask me three questions.
me: Ok. Question one - are you going to finish your pasta?
Four year old son: Yes.
me: Can I save my other two questions for later?
Four year old son: Yes, you can use question number two and question number three next time.
me: Will you answer my two remaining questions?
Four year old son: Yes.

As pasta disappeared, I savoured the knowledge that I had gained the upper hand in some future interaction... if only I use my questions wisely. Patience.


Peter said...

Cute :)

Ellee said...

If he had said no, he wasn't going to finish the pasta, you would have presumably asked why and that could have led to the remaining two questions being used up, if you get my drift. So compliments to the chef.

Bel said...

Bless. How sweet.