Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tax Funded Fertility Treatment for Lesbians?

The British Fertility Society (which represents health fertility professionals) is recommending that lesbians be given the same priority as heterosexual couples on the British National Health Service.

Now hang on a minute. Medical help on the NHS is for those who need medical help. If you can't have kids, then I'm happy for my tax money to help with fertility treatment. But I expect that you at least tried first!

If the reason a woman can't have kids is that she doesn't want to sleep with a man, then that's just tough. Don't ask the rest of us to pay for the IVF.

The good Lord in His wisdom didn't require much for people to have kids. You don't have to be beautiful or intelligent, you just have to be man and woman!


Jacob R said...

I was going to compliment you on your 'rules' posts, which I found very insightful, but now I've stumbled a bit deeper into your blog I realize that you're really just an ignorant old man. Even a blind boar finds a truffle now and then.

Onyx Stone said...

Well we're all ignorant - only on different subjects.

Perhaps you'd like to state your argument against my post. Or on the other hand, you might just insult me if that makes you feel better.

In any case, I'll accept your compliment on the Rules post.