Monday, September 04, 2006

Top CDs of the Summer

With the summer coming rapidly to an end, I've put together a list of some CDs I've discovered while the sun was out. These are not CDs released this year - they're CDs that sounded great this year.

Siren - Heather Nova
A writer of beautiful songs. She sings with guts and passion. Her songs and style are all her own. A real gem.

Venezia - Juliette Pochin
After so many sopranos, its refreshing to hear a mezzo. Again a beautiful choice of arias, only this time a more classical selection.

Oh Mercy - Bob Dylan
Dylan's always been good in the studio. The track "Most of the Time" has the insight to the soul that makes Dylan the song writer he is.

When the Pawn - Fiona Apple
I love that artful angry woman sound. The album just gets better and better as the tracks play on. "Get Gone" is a real thumper where she gets all the power of her attitude into the music.

Shangri-La - Mark Knopfler
Having listened to early Dire Straits as a teenager (before they put out that repetitive commercial fodder), I had looked for something special from the guitarist and writer of the band. Here it is. More laid back and thoughtful. A very fine album. I'm going to put it on now.

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