Sunday, July 01, 2007

Failed Terrorist Attacks

At times the effectiveness of the security services has been called into question. Happily it's the terrorists incompetence causing their own embarrassment this week in Britain.

Following three car bomb attacks, they've accomplished one parking ticket, one car towed away, one jeep burned out with severe burns to a terrorist, and two arrests on the scene. The police having captured some of the crew, were able to quickly follow with two further arrests.

Thankfully, no one has been injured besides the scum who perpetrated these attacks. I can only hope that this is a sign of the maturing terrorist network becoming as ineffective as most large organisations operating in Britain.

The sad reality is we cannot be so smug. According to the Telegraph, "The security organisation is monitoring 30 suspected plots involving more than 1,700 possible terrorists." That a hell of a lot of arseholes coming out of Friday prayers at the local mosque with murder on their minds.

I have not yet found any reference to Islam in the BBC's coverage of these three attacks. What the BBC is trying to pretend, I just can't imagine.


Peter said...

Don't forget. Islam, as we're so often told, is a religion of peace. Muslims only want peace and, it seems, anyone that doesn't want their definition of "peace" can "rest in peace" or, if you'll excuse the pun, rest in pieces.

Nah, you'll never hear the media being honest about Islam. Anyone that's read the Koran (and I have) knows that it is totalitarian and bent on subversion. It's basic tenant is "Repent or die.

Onyx Stone said...

You read the Koran! Well done. I got as far as putting it in my 'shopping basket' on amazon. But I had neither the broad-minded academic diligence, nor the curiosity to click the 'Buy Now' button.

Also, I didn't want to trigger the CIA to start monitoring my purchases ;-)

How long is it?

Most Christians never even read the Bible.

Peter said...

I haven't read it cover to cover, but I have read enough of it to get a good feel for its content.

There's a Koran equivalent of a concordance so it's pretty easy to look up 'infidel' and see exactly what it says about those that don't convert to Islam. Also, there's some pretty freaky things about Jesus Christ. They, supposedly, consider him one of the prophets like Abraham, but not THE PROPHET.

Anyway, it's pretty dry stuff...

Peter said...

Oh, according to the Koran, Christ spoke from birth... Literally from the moment he came out of the womb... but he wasn't The Prophet, just a misunderstood prophet (at least, misunderstood by Christians).

Muslims believe it because that's what they're told to believe. There's no onus or impetuous for truth to stand on it's own two feet. You just have to accept it...

Anonymous said...

"Muslims believe it because that's what they're told to believe. There's no onus or impetuous for truth to stand on it's own two feet. You just have to accept it..."

Which is the nature of any religion.

B.t.w.: there are pretty unpleasant
bloodthursty things to read in "our"
bible. We are just fortunate that
people don't care about it any more.