Thursday, October 12, 2006

French, Genocide and Fatwa

I was considering the new French bill to criminalise denial of the Armenian genocide when I came across this succinct post on a forum by (unknown to me) Tara Rene of Tokyo:

Nothing more than a "secular" version of FATWA. France has long lost its prestige as the beacon of liberty. This will degrade that position even further. Let's face it this is not even truly about what happened to Armenians 90 years ago and rectifying its history. French PMs -as ignorant as their Turkish counterparts but more arrogant with a superiority complex- acted like radical imams issuing fatwas: an expression of looming French racism and neo-fascism, and of giving in to powerful lobbies.

Meanwhile, Turkish politicians are considering a law that would make it a crime to deny that French killings in Algeria in 1945 were genocide. George Orwell called it thoughtcrime.

This is all part of a row over Turkey's entry to the EU. I say disband the bloody thing.

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